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Bridging the gap between a manuscript and a published book, or between you and your reviewers, fans, and buyers may be challenging and time-consuming. We’ll be happy to help you publish and build a solid foundation for your marketing and sales.

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Take advantage of Dayreads’ platforms and subscriptions for publishing and promotion: 

  • Use Dayreads’ subscriptions and social media accounts to build your email list and promote your books. 
  • Use Dayreads’ website to establish your web presence and host your blog. 
  • Get a complimentary ISBN number.


Book production is aimed at launching the book you’ve written after it is produced and listed on a sales platform. The process includes everything necessary for a book to be produced. Once you have a manuscript ready for an editor, we will make sure the manuscript is edited, formatted, converted into an e-book and a printed book and that it has a professionally designed, selling cover. The process also includes other elements which are key to the book’s success in marketing and sales—descriptions, blurbs, the author’s biography, and copy for promotions on social media. 

Choose Book Production if you are only interested in producing and listing your book.


Getting reviews, however mundane it may seem, can turn out to be an uphill task if you don’t have an ARC team (and often even if you have one). Reviews may certainly not directly contribute to sales if you have reviews. The absence of reviews, on the contrary, has a substantial negative effect on sales. This is why they call it a social proof. The process of getting reviews offers a lot of benefits for the book’s marketing along the way. No effort will be wasted. The process includes creating the author’s platform, launching a newsletter, promotional copy, and of course reaching out to potential reviewers. Please note that we will not recruit reviewers and pay them for their reviews. All reviews that your book will be getting as a result of this process will be completely genuine. Choose Reviews if you are only interested in creating the basis necessary for getting reviews. 


This process includes what an author needs to build a solid foundation for creating their fanbase. Why is it important? Well, it is the very basis of your brand building. Your name is your brand and it has the power of turning your sales from occasional to systemic. Nothing else, just this. And the fans are your brand ambassadors. Building a brand, or, in this case, a fanbase never stops but it needs to start somewhere. This process kicks it off. Please note that we will not buy subscriber lists or perform any other action that may undermine the legitimacy or value of your fanbase. Like all other processes, it has a lot of jobs and assignments beneficial for production, getting reviews, launching a newsletter, etc. Choose Fanbase if you are only interested in starting off your fanbase.  


The name of this process speaks for itself. The focus is on building an email list, groups of subscribers, launching automations. It’s tempting to label it a shorter version of the Fanbase process and both processes do overlap a great deal. But Newsletter is not just that because the objective is different. 

Choose Newsletter if you are only interested in launching a regular newsletter service.


Combining two or more processes together is extremely beneficial from many points of view: you save on time and money. This is simply because many jobs in each process will only need to be done once.


You are certainly very welcome to discuss and order a smaller job. Just editing, copywriting, cover design, social posting, website building, or if you need a combination of smaller jobs or have something different in mind. I will do my very best to help you plan and make sure the job is done. 


Dimitri Alehins, DAYREADS publisher

My name is Dimitri Alehins and Dayreads is my baby. I entered this endeavour from a long career in corporate communications, consulting, and journalism. It took me a great deal of consideration, soul searching, time, and patience to climb a steep learning curve. I believe in change and I welcome it. Change opens our minds and makes us unpack our creative potential. As an author, you know it better than anyone else. Discovering your creativity is an essential part of your everyday life. This is the idea behind Dayreads: to support authors, thinkers, and creatives while encouraging the rest of us to find our passion and grow.

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