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Dayreads is a generalist imprint with interest in fiction. You will find a lot of “I” and “me” on this page and this site. Here is more about me.


The English-language book market is global, and I welcome authors based in the US and beyond to submit your fiction.

The primary markets for the English-language fiction are the US and the UK, and the global market is dominated by the trends within these markets.

I welcome submissions in many genres, including adventure, crime, family, fantasy, humor, LGBTQ, mystery, romance, and thriller (to name a few).


I am especially happy to hear from authors writing about self-realization and changes in people’s lives: career, changing places, leaving jobs after 50, retiring and many other aspects of happy or dramatic shifts, turns, transits and rebirths.

Because I have been through a transition myself, I would love to help others to keep up with the change, weather the hardship, ride the wave, and come out a winner.


I accept only finished manuscripts with content enough for a book, written in flawless English.

Please proofread your manuscript before you submit it. If you submit, I assume that you are the holder of the copyright and this book has not been published yet. You will have to warrant it by signing a publishing agreement with me. Please read more how to submit.

Dayreads is just me for now, which lets me keep the overhead costs down, while giving the priority to enhancing the quality of the final product—your book—and investing in creative and promotional work.

The Process


We are partners on this journey. Together we will create an eye-catching, high-quality product worthy of a prime spot on any bookshelf. You have invested your idea, knowledge, life experience, research, and talent in creating your manuscript. As a reward for your hard work, you will receive royalties from sales.

As partners, we work as a team. My job is to ensure that sales of your book match its quality—the greater the quality, the greater the results of the promotion efforts, and the greater your royalties. While investing in the development, production, and promotion of your book, I will still need to occasionally tap your strengths to bolster the promotion efforts with quality content about yourself and your book. This will be your assignment in your book project.

Step 1

Submit Query

You submit a query and I get back to you as soon as I can with a “yes” or “no”. If a “yes”, I will invite you to submit the entire manuscript and give me time to assess it.

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Step 2

Sign Agreement

We discuss, negotiate, agree on further steps, and sign a publishing agreement. We start the groundwork for book promotion, laying out a strategy, assigning responsibilities, checking and developing our assets.

Step 3

Leap Ahead

I will take care of production. Once all necessary improvements are implemented, your book is ready to be published. We will then continue to work on promotion. When the book is released, promotion will ramp up. 

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A few more words about Step 3, which is the entire process of giving birth to a book after all formalities have been sorted out.


Once we have agreed on the terms of our cooperation and signed the publishing agreement, I will forward your manuscript to a professional editor, who brings the work to a level necessary for publication. Should there be any questions, comments, or concerns, I will encourage you to assess and work with the editor’s feedback.


Your book’s cover is of immense importance for its commercial success. The cover design could undergo changes to best fit your genre and idea. You will be encouraged to offer feedback to the designer’s suggestions, share ideas with the designer, and perhaps be asked to refine the book’s description.


The length and complexity of this stage depend on how we decide to sell the book: as an e-book, using printed-on-demand technology, having a print run. The book may (and hopefully will) live longer than its first production. Finally, it may find its way to the reader through different distribution routes.


No sells without promotion. Its weight in the success of your book is second to none. We start with developing a plan and building assets for promotion as soon as we have signed the agreement. Marketing decisions are of strategic importance and so are decisions about distribution. Choosing the platform for distribution and the price is a key element of the promotion strategy.


Give it a go


You are very welcome to submit from anywhere in the world with or without experience, with or without an agent, if:

  • you write fiction in English, especially if you write about people going through change and transformation at a mature age
  • your manuscript is complete
  • your manuscript is enough for a book (at least 40,000 words)
  • you are the owner of the copyright
  • you are willing to grant me the publishing rights

Having your work published with me does not cost you anything. If your book sells, you are paid royalties on net sales.


If you agree with my submission policy, start by sending me a query in a single Word or PDF document. If we decide to work together, I will invite you to submit more.

A query includes

  • a brief synopsis (up to 300 words) of your book to help me understand right away what your book is about
  • your bio (up to 300 words)
  • a sample of your manuscript—the first 5%, give or take, of your manuscript

I encourage you to follow DAYREADS STYLE GUIDE.

You can send it to me by using the form below.

Query form

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