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Steve Dean on Staying Home vs. Adventuring

Adventuring Versus Staying Home

Humans are hard-wired to seek fun, even if at times life, experience and poverty block that need. Even the dourest human should have fun sometimes. Staying home gives you access to collecting porcelain ferrets, rebuilding rotary engines or knitting bobble hats for the neighbours, you name it… What? You need more? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of staying at home and adventuring.

Steve Dean: Do you Like to Role-Play

Do you Like to Role-Play?

Playing tabletop role-playing games with real people or online. Which one is better, and why? Tabletop games allow social interactions face to face, with people you know and like, even come to love. When it comes to fitting gaming into your life, it’s far easier to play video games than tabletop games. Just don’t shout “die bitch!” on a packed train when you get too involved.

Steve Dean on Technology and Magic

A Clash of Giants

Which one is best, technology or magic? Technology is a product of science. Magic is produced by the manipulation of esoteric power. If it’s got batteries, it’s technology, if you put a finger in your ear while fondling a hamster, it’s magic.

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