Steve Dean's Short Story The Joys of Dating in the Twenty Second Century

The Joys of Dating in the Twenty-Second Century

I was about halfway through another story, when I noticed my neighbour’s cat that likes to sleep in one corner of my shed roof. You might think these two events are unrelated, but to a writer, there’s no such thing. So, story in progress, cat on roof, a glazed look and a slight smell of burning and k-ching! Another story. I hope you like it.

Steve Dean's Sci-Fi Story Life Choices

Life Choices

“To use a human as a poor analogy; my body is a reinforced titanium-ceramic sphere, my brain is a super-computer housed within the sphere. It’s true I’m attached to the ship, and have full control over its systems like you are when driving your car. Although it would be more difficult for me to get out, it’s still entirely possible.” Captain Banks looked baffled, then laughed. “Ahh, it’s a joke! I didn’t think you had a sense of humour.”

Steve Dean's short story Removed Blockage

Removed Blockage

The number five thruster wasn’t working they said, no output at all. Probably just a stuck valve they said, get down there and give it a whack. Ten minutes tops. With the last bolt removed and stowed, Mag lifted the inspection panel off and looked inside.

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