Deposit and Withdrawal

Although she wasn’t a real human, she was very life-like, even close up. He wasted no time taking her into the bedroom. The LuvDroid website offered a wide range of packages.
Steve Dean's Adult Sci-Fi Story Deposit and Withdrawal

Sex robots are inevitable, in my opinion. We already have sex dolls and advanced robotics, as well as increasingly complex programming some people erroneously call AI. Put them all together and you get sophisticated, and realistic, sex toys for all. They won’t be cheap, of course, but will come down in price once they’re more common and less taboo. And you can always hire one by the hour if you can’t afford to buy one. It was this thought, combined with reports of yet another parking scam locally, that led to this story. I won’t say too much more to avoid spoilers. I hope you enjoy this quick read.

*            *            *

Her name was Selene, and she arrived at exactly nine o’clock as she was supposed to. He’d chosen a dark-haired model with blue eyes, large breasts and slim hips. She smiled as he let her into his modest flat, introducing herself with a soft voice. Although she wasn’t a real human, she was very life-like, even close up. As he’d already paid for her services with his credit card, he wasted no time taking her into the bedroom and getting her naked. The LuvDroid website offered a wide range of packages, from just a quickie to a full weekend of anything goes orgies. The wilder stuff was expensive, obviously, so he’d just gone for a basic one-hour introductory package. It included some basic foreplay and full sex. You could upgrade your service at any time, for a fee, if you changed your mind halfway through.

Kris was soon naked himself, lying flat on his back on the bed as she climbed on top of him and lowered herself over his erection. Her pussy was warm, wet and adjusted itself to the perfect tightness. He grabbed a firm boob in each hand and let her ride him with machine rhythm and stamina until he climaxed. She simulated her own at exactly the same time, which was a nice feature.

Lying in the afterglow, he looked up into her face. She was still smiling, her hands on his shoulders, leaning on him with her full weight. Something pinched the base of his shaft.

“Erm, that’s a bit tight, can you ease off a bit?”

“Kris, please lie still and don’t struggle. A clamp has been locked to your penis, preventing its withdrawal. The clamp is both tight and sharp. Any sudden or violent action on your part will result in injury and the possible severing of your penis.”

“What the fuck? Get off me! I’m calling the police.” He looked around for his phone, but he’d left it in the other room. He looked up into Selene’s eyes. They’d taken on a distant look but her mouth was locked in a smile.

“Please stay calm. The clamp will be removed after payment of £10,000 has been received by LuvDroid International.”

“I don’t have that kind of money, and I’m not giving it to you anyway!”

The clamp tightened.

“No! Stop! Wait, I’ve just had my bonus. I’ll pay you. Just get off.”

The skin on Selene’s chest just above her boobs began to glow. A small screen appeared showing the login page of his banking website.

“Please enter your username and password.”

He hesitated, and the clamp vibrated.

“Ok, I’m doing it.”

His account list opened and the cursor began to move on its own as Selene’s controller selected his current account and filled in the relevant numbers. With the money transferred, Selene sat upright and her smile widened. “Thank you for your custom. LuvDroid hopes you will recommend us to your friends. Please leave a review of your experience today on our website for the chance to win a threesome with two LuvDroids of your choice.”

The clamp buzzed as it tried to release. Kris looked up into her face and smiled himself.


Kris felt the clamp tighten as far as it would go, then slacken off again as Selene tried to disengage. She tried this several times while trying to pull away, but she was stuck fast. Making fists from both hands, she lifted them to strike at Kris.

The door to the flat opened and four police officers ran in. One of them approached Selene and dropped a metallic sack over her before pulling it tight and locking it around her waist with a steel cable. After a few seconds, she visibly slackened and her soft voice began to repeat, “Emergency mode – please contact LuvDroid immediately.”

One of the officers looked down at Kris as two others lifted Selene off. “Everything ok, Kris?”

“Yes, it all worked perfectly. We have the droid and an audit trail of where the money has gone.”

“Great! I can’t believe how long it took us to catch them. I wonder how the public would react to our methods if they ever found out?”

“We’re lucky someone actually reported it,” another replied, “I don’t think I would have done.” Kris smiled. If you looked closely enough, you could tell he was also a LuvDroid. Or at least he had been until being seconded and modified for this case. “Ok, what next?”


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  1. Oh hell, that was classic. I loved the quirk at the end. That was so original. I”m now hunkering for more.

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