Hungry Orc

The idea for this story came after I had re-watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was thinking about a certain scene, you’ll probably know which one when you read the story and my mind, as it often does, went into the gutter, and this story was born.
Steve Dean's Short Story Hungry Orc

We have a very short fantasy story for you this time around. The idea came after I had re(re)(re)watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was thinking about a certain scene, you’ll probably know which one when you read the story and my mind, as it often does, went into the gutter, and this story was born. Once I had the basic premise it came together very quickly. I hope you like it.

*            *            *

Ushga had been left behind again. To be fair to the tribal elders, she was only young and not as good a warrior as the others. They’d gone to raid a human village to get food. By the time they returned, the warriors would have eaten the good stuff, leaving her and the others who had stayed behind to eat mouldy leftovers. The more she thought about this, the more her stomach rumbled and the more she craved fresh meat. In the end, she decided to venture out and find her own.

She hadn’t been forbidden from leaving the den, as such, although she had been told to stay close. There was a cave nearby that was open to the outside world and had a waterfall running beside it. Sometimes, humans would stop there to water their horses and bathe in the shallow pool. If she was lucky, she could find one alone, out of its armour and ready for eating.

It took Ushga half a day to reach the pool, traversing caves large and small to get there. Eyes watched her from the darkest places; they were all wise enough to leave her alone. The first sign she was getting close was the sound of falling water. It wasn’t a large waterfall, just a stream falling from the moors above. For some reason, humans were attracted to the place. Some days there were lines of humans waiting to bathe. During the day, that is. At night it was always deserted.

The sun was just rising when she got there, filtering through the surrounding trees and illuminating the pool. The sun was bright after so long in the dark, but she’d soon get used to it. She wasn’t a stupid goblin who would burn up in daylight. This early, she didn’t expect to see anyone, but a small fire was burning beside the track that led here, a horse tied to a low bush. A splash in the pool revealed a young human of about her size. He was standing up to his waist in water scrubbing himself down with a thick twist of dried grass. Her stomach rumbled; this one would be tender and juicy.

Ushga moved closer, slowly and carefully. Orcs weren’t known for their stealth, but she could manage all right if she was careful. She approached from the waterfall side, letting the noise of it drown out any of her missteps. She could smell him now, a musky, earthy smell. Once she had him over a spit, he would smell so much better.

The man moved towards the waterfall and she froze, he was only a few paces away now, rubbing himself down under the flow. As he scrubbed himself he turned so she wasn’t able to sneak up behind him. With utmost patience, she waited her moment. Stalking prey wasn’t something to be hurried. A short while later the man stopped with his back to her. She seized the moment, dashing forwards with her club raised. Her foot slipped on the edge of a mossy rock, and she sprawled into the pool.

Lifting her head, she expected to find the human gone, but he was standing there under the waterfall, smiling at her.

“Well, I expected to be alone this morning. Instead, I have a charming companion.”

Ushga spoke some human, but his wide smile told her all she needed to know. This one was too stupid to run. Her club was floating away on the gentle flow. She stood and moved towards it. Once it was retrieved, she turned towards the human and for the first time noticed he had a club of his own. Her eyes widened. Orc males were stout and strong, but they didn’t have ‘clubs’ like this human. He was rubbing it up and down and smiling.

“Like what you see?” The human said. “Slip out of those clothes and let’s get this day off to a fine start.”

Ushga couldn’t take her eyes off the human. Slowly, she reached up and loosened the lacings on her leather tunic, then slipped it over her head to stand naked before him. The human smiled.

“Ahh, very nice, I’ve had many a female over the years, but never an orc. Come closer, let’s remedy that situation.”

She moved closer, still a little on edge and wary of a trap. But he was alone and naked and playing with himself. If it was a trap, it was a good one. Once in range she reached out and rubbed her hand along his length, making him groan. The cold waterfall did nothing to banish the heat in her blood. She knelt before him and took his club in her mouth, sliding as much of it in as she could. As she moved her mouth up and down, she thought to herself, when she’d set out to taste man flesh, this wasn’t what she had in mind.


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