Steve Dean's Story Blue Tree

Blue Tree

Blue followed the arrows to the indicated booth and entered. A customs official stood within, a tall human female with a hand scanner. “If you could just stand still for me, this won’t take long.”

Steve Dean's Sci-Fi Short Story Alien Interaction

Alien Interaction

Astronomers have been finding exoplanets out there. Planets may mean life, although this doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent life. The question is not why we haven’t found them yet. It’s more like how they will react when they do turn up. Will they steal our water and make us into burgers, or will they bring immortality and reliable Wi-Fi?

Alien Landing

…And then someone pointed out, it’s not a rock, it’s an alien spacecraft. They laughed. It’s never aliens. We hear a signal, see a light on the other side of the galaxy, find something new in the universe: It’s aliens. It’s not aliens, they said, again. It’s never aliens, ok? It was aliens.

Steve Dean's Short Story The Twitcher

The Twitcher

Humans can be amazing; we’re adaptable and able to take even the most mind-blowing events in our stride and come out smiling. To all of those who’ve been instrumental in getting us through these interesting times: this one is for you.

Steve Dean's short story Removed Blockage

Removed Blockage

The number five thruster wasn’t working they said, no output at all. Probably just a stuck valve they said, get down there and give it a whack. Ten minutes tops. With the last bolt removed and stowed, Mag lifted the inspection panel off and looked inside.

Steve Dean's Story Disjointed


It took him a long time to wake up, only to discover what he thought was a soft bed was in fact the muddy ground. The filtered light wasn’t streaming through a hotel window, but was the shadows cast by the trees surrounding him. He tried to stand and just about made it to his knees. He looked around and saw nothing but trees in every direction. This wasn’t the Coventry he knew.

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