The Princess and the Golem

A Golem is a humanoid creature made of mud and often used for protection. Of course, the ever-inventive fantasy community has taken the initial idea and developed it further. “Why don’t you go and see what’s inside?” the king said to Camellia. “Oh my!” she laughed.
Steve Dean's Short Story The Princess and the Golem
The Princess and the Golem

This is one of those 18+ stories, so please be advised to leave if you are under 18 years old.

It started out as something completely different. When I’d almost finished that one, I had a better idea, and this story was born. I still finished the first one, and will probably use it in the future, but this one definitely fits better here.

For those of you who are wondering, this story is about a Golem, a humanoid creature taken from Jewish folklore. They were made of mud and often used for protection. Of course, the ever-inventive fantasy community has taken the initial idea and developed it further, so now Golems can be made of almost anything and are much more versatile.

Golems should not be confused with Gollum, who is the nasty little bugger from the Hobbit/LoTR books by JRR Tolkien. The one who eats orcsies and says ‘my precious’ a lot.

*          *          *

It was Princess Camellia’s eighteenth birthday and she was expecting some pretty fabulous gifts. She already knew she had a white pony and diamond tiara because she’d blackmailed the queen’s lady-in-waiting with knowledge of her midnight meetings with her older brother, Prince Spirea. She’d managed to stop herself from blackmailing her father’s servants, mainly because they were all large and muscular men who didn’t do anything but spend time with the king.

She was out of bed at the crack of dawn and dressed in her finest by the time her parents arose. After breakfast, which was far too long in her opinion, the family gathered in the throne room. It had been specially decorated in white flowers of all kinds just for her. The guests had begun to arrive and soon it would be present time.

Many visitors arrived to bring their gifts, which was forced to receive with a smile and a comment, no matter how ugly and worthless they were. They started with the servants, from the lowly stable boy, who’d carved a dog out of firewood.

“Thank you, that’s lovely, I’ll treasure it always!” she said through her forced smile.

This went on for a time, although at least the gifts began to improve as the guests increased in status. Some of the presents were quite hideous but were at least made from silver or gold. She’d have them melted down or give them as gifts to others when the occasion required it.

There was a long and tedious refreshment break, and then, at last, came the real gifts. Her aunt, the king’s sister, arrived with a team of servants who dragged in a large crate. Camellia was immediately excited, at last something good. The servants opened the box and inside was the carved wooden statue of a human figure. It had the suggestion of a face and an androgynous body, polished and shiny. Camellia tried to maintain her smile as she looked at the thing. Her aunt spoke, and the wooden thing moved, stepping out of the crate and approaching the princess.

“Princess Camellia,” her aunt said. “A golem made from finest heartwood. With the right words, it can act as a servant or bodyguard, fetch and carry, and do all sorts of useful things.”

“Thank you, aunt, it is indeed a wonderful thing.”

The princess looked the thing over and was pretty sure she could just order it to go and climb a mountain or something to get rid of it. But that was for later, now it was pony time!

Sure enough, her mother gestured to a servant and after a moment’s delay, two stable hands walked in with the whitest and cutest pony she’d ever seen. She tried not to run, but she was so happy. “Mother, he’s beautiful, I’ll ride him every day.”

“And that’s not all. Look in the saddlebag,” The queen said.

Camellia pretended to be puzzled as she opened the fine silk and leather saddlebag. Inside was a velvet-lined box, and inside that was a diamond tiara of the finest quality. She placed it on her head and went back to her throne beside the queen. Riding the pony would have to wait until later. The king’s gifts were next, and these would be a genuine surprise.

At a gesture from the king, servants dragged in another wooden crate. They opened it and inside was a wardrobe, hand-carved with pony motifs from the finest wood. They pulled the furniture out and the king smiled.

“Why don’t you go and see what’s inside?” he suggested.

Almost bursting with excitement, the princess flung the doors open. Inside, the wardrobe was full of dresses, one of each colour, made from silks and satins and decorated with pearls and diamonds.

“Father, thank you. This is the best gift ever.”

After the gift-giving there was a feast for the entire palace. Camellia couldn’t wait to get away and ride her pony and try on the dresses, but she controlled herself and smiled happily at all the visitors.

Later that night when she was in her bed-chamber, she looked through the dresses and tried them on one at a time. There was a knock at the door as she paraded around wearing a lemon dress.

Her maid opened the door and received a note from someone out in the corridor. The maid gave the note to Camellia.

It was from her aunt, and read:

“Camellia. Here is the second part of your gift from me.” Underneath the writing were a few lines of instructions.

Camellia was puzzled but sent her maid away for the night. The first instruction was a single word, ‘Omi’ which the note instructed her to say to the golem.

The horrible thing had been brought to her room despite her protestations, but good manners stopped her from rejecting it. Now she stood in front of it and said “Omi.”

The golem began to change, its vaguely human body changing to that of a young man, complete with genitals. The princess giggled, reached out and gently rubbed its wooden balls.

“Oh my!” she laughed.

The golem’s penis swelled until it was fully erect.

Her eyes widened. “Oh my!” she gasped, and the erection grew.

The princess practically tore off her lemon dress and threw it across the room. It landed near the wardrobe and was closely followed by the rest of her clothes. She laid back on the bed and the golem came over and positioned itself between her legs at her excited instruction.

“Oh my,” she sighed again. “oh my, oh my, oh fuck.”


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