The Rat Trap

When people asked Lydia what she did for a job she told them she was a robotics engineer. She was responsible for testing the new models to make sure they did everything they were supposed to. What she didn’t tell anyone but her closest friends was she tested sex robots.
Steve Dean's Short Story The Rat Trap

This short story started as an idea for a novel. One day, I might return to the long form and complete the novel. I’ll be sure to tell you if I do. As for the theme, well, someone’s got to do it. All devices need testing no matter what they are. Robots are no exception. Sometimes, testing things is boring, repetitive and often yields mixed results. At other times, depending on what you’re actually testing, it can be fun.

*             *             *

When people asked Lydia what she did for a job she told them she was a robotics engineer. She was responsible for testing the new models to make sure they did everything they were supposed to. What she didn’t tell anyone but her closest friends was she tested sex robots. It was the best job in the world, in her opinion. She always had smile on her face and was always relaxed. She tested robots of both genders but preferred the male versions. They were nothing like real men, in her experience. They didn’t come with baggage, they didn’t have diseases, and they didn’t suffer from premature ejaculation. It was also a well-paid job. They had male testers queueing out of the door just to volunteer, but female testers were much rarer. So, life was good. Until Mason arrived.

Mason was the boss’s son, fresh out of university and filled with new ideas, confidence and arrogance. One day he would own the business, he would say as he strutted around like a peacock. You had better respect me if you want to keep your job. Lydia knew she was safe as she was virtually irreplaceable. Mason really didn’t like this. He’d tried to have her fired on several occasions for the tiniest of things. His dad put him in his place, which made him even more determined to get back at her.

Lydia was in the testing suite, basically a bedroom, with a male robot code-named Titan. The room didn’t have cameras but there was an intercom, which could only be activated from the inside to maintain privacy. She was expected to make a full and detailed report after each test, but this was done via an electronic document.

Today, Lydia had decided she wanted a good, hard shag. The robots were voice controlled, so Lydia told Titan get on top of her and pump away until she orgasmed. His realistic penis could be adjusted for size according to the preference of the client. Today, Lydia had it extended to the full ten inches and was enjoying every one of them. She felt that certain feeling inside and soon began to build to her first climax of the day. When her orgasm started, it triggered Titan and he too climaxed.

A gush of freezing cold liquid shot up inside her and wouldn’t stop. It was like being hosed down with ice water.

“Titan halt!” she screamed, which was the command to stop moving but stay in position.

The Titan unit stopped. Lydia disengaged herself as the last of the liquid dribbled out. She grabbed a towel and clamped it between her legs, her whole insides numb with cold.

She bashed her hand on the intercom button. “What, the hell, was that?” She yelled at the attending engineer.

A familiar voice replied. “Lydia, you really need to work on your people skills,” Mason said with a sneer. “Shouting at people is not professional.”

Lydia knew he had done this on purpose, and, despite his flaws, daddy wouldn’t do anything, in fact he’d probably think it was funny. She dried herself and got dressed, still feeling cold. She then returned the Titan unit to its storage chest, wishing she could do the same to Mason.

Something needed to be done about Mason. She wasn’t going to let him ruin the good thing she had going here. It couldn’t be something childish like he’d just done. It had to be a one-shot thing, something that would stop his arrogant attitude and maybe even lead to him quitting. She would have to think about it.

Later that night when she’d returned home, she had an idea while using the waste disposal unit. It would take some planning and a visit to the workshop, but she thought it was worth a try.

Mason very much liked the petite red-head model called Milly. He also liked the blonde with the huge knockers, who was called Dolly. And he liked the tall and curvy Krystal. He also liked to watch, so sometimes he had Titan do it with one of the females. This evening, when his father was away, he decided to have an orgy in the boardroom. He told the engineers they could leave early, then he gathered up all the sex robots and lead them upstairs and told them to climb up on the large table. When he had them all positioned just as he wanted them, he told Milly to bend over the table and he entered her from behind. She groaned with pleasure, as she was programmed to do. Then something inside her clicked. It was very soft and barely audible but was the start of Mason’s problems.

Lydia entered the room, a small camera flashing red as she recorded the scene. Mason jumped and tried to pull out, but found himself stuck, he pulled harder and a sharp pain shot along his erection.

“Ouch, I wouldn’t pull too hard if I was you.” Lydia laughed.

“What have you done, bitch? My dad won’t be able to save you now, this is assault.”

“You really need to work on your people skills,” she said with a grin. “Shouting at people is not professional.”

“Let me go right now!”        

“What do you mean? I’m not stopping you. Something must have gone wrong with the robot. But then, you shouldn’t have them up here and you should have an engineer on standby.”

Mason screamed again as he tried to remove his now flaccid penis from the Milly unit. Some kind of sense finally made it through his arrogant bluster. “Look, I know you’ve done something to this unit. You knew I’ve been using it and have installed a device inside it. Let me out and we’ll say no more about it. I promise to leave you alone from now on. No more tricks or complaints.”

Lydia thought about it for a few moments. “How do I know I can trust you?”

“Well, you have the video evidence. I’ll swear on camera, then you can keep the video secret.”

“And then you’ll resign, tell daddy you want to travel, maybe find another career.”

“Ok, just let me go.”

Lydia made sure she had footage of everything, sent it to herself and checked she had a secure copy that Mason couldn’t delete. He was true to his word, resigning and telling his dad he wanted to travel before settling down to a career. She went to her work with a smile. That was another thing about robots, they didn’t think with their genitals.


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  1. Steve
    This was classic. I was expecting maybe a little “grinding” of a different kind, but I suppose physically damaging one’s penis would be taking things a little too far. Keep these coming. I love them.

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