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Are you a record breaker?

Are you a Record Breaker?

There are plenty of great opportunities to gather gamers to set records of all kinds. I want to see the biggest, the longest, the most, the fastest. I want dice as big as houses, I want life-sized miniatures. I want to see a thousand characters in the same party and naked role-playing on an epic scale!

Steve Dean on Where Dragons Came From

Where Did Dragons Come From?

Some people claim they were hatched from eggs at the beginning of time, others that they arrived from space, plummeting to the earth in balls of fire. Others claim they came from another plane of existence. I’d like to present an eccentric country gentleman’s personal account of his encounters with dragons.

Steve Dean on Fantasy Languages

Languages in Fantasy

Our screen heroes often meet non-human beings on their travels, most of which don’t speak any Earth languages, of course. So how do scriptwriters deal with the problem of portraying language as spoken by beings such as elves and aliens? Sit back, relax, and I will explain.

Steve Dean: A Two-Way View

A Two-Way View

A short story about Halfa, a jaded hero who decides to take control of his own fate for a change. “You aren’t making this easy.”“You’re the one talking to himself.” “Fair point.” “The horse gets a girlie horse and a warm stable, and I get a smelly cave full of deadly things that aren’t dragons!” Even heroes need to take a break.

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