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Steve Dean's Story From A Distance

From A Distance

I fear Isaac Asimov’s ‘three laws of robotics’ will hardly ever be implemented. Once technology advances, humans will be removed from the chain of command, and the future predicted by science fiction writers will come to pass. It was these thoughts that resulted in the idea for this story.

Steve Dean's Sci-Fi Story Life Choices

Life Choices

“To use a human as a poor analogy; my body is a reinforced titanium-ceramic sphere, my brain is a super-computer housed within the sphere. It’s true I’m attached to the ship, and have full control over its systems like you are when driving your car. Although it would be more difficult for me to get out, it’s still entirely possible.” Captain Banks looked baffled, then laughed. “Ahh, it’s a joke! I didn’t think you had a sense of humour.”

Steve Dean's Story Driving the Algorithm

Driving the Algorithm

This story was inspired by real-life research into decision-making during life-or-death situations. If, while driving you’re forced to hit one person, or swerve and hit another, which of the two people do you choose? If you have to choose between hitting a person or a brick wall, which do you choose?

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